Saturday, 2 May 2009

Beautiful Day

What a beautiful day today as i type this post! and i have felt better in myself the last few days mainly due to being quite busy with various things, but i know the negative thoughts are just around the corner and i have got Alice off school for a few days with it being bank holiday weekend!
I have got us a nice Pizza for lunch and i intend on taking Alice out somewhere after that, she wont be very happy about leaving the security of her new room as she calls it which is just a spare room thats got everything she needs in it i.e. DVDs, Videos, Books, Toys, it's a real haven for her, too much really as she is very reluctant to go out!
So this is a bit of a short post more of an update really, bye for now.

Anxiety Level Low


diver said...

Nice one Gary. I find being 'busy with things' is the best therapy for anxiety. If I have too much time on my hands ... well hey, then I invariably cave in to idiot thoughts. So I'm a great believer in 'occupational' therapy.

I like the sound of Alice's 'haven'. It sounds like a secure and happy place for her. My cerebral palsic grand daughter (6yo) has a place like that - it's full of all her favourite stuff and she just loves it. She can spend hours in there!

Anxiety Level 'Low' - good to hear!

Gary said...

Hi Diver yeah that haven is a god send but then it becomes to secure for her then she doesnt want to leave it! its all about getting the right balance.