Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Tempting Fate

Every time i say that i feel better in myself i always seem to come crashing down and stay down for days on end! so i'm not going down that road! but you all know what i mean.
I have been quite busy the last few days basically trying to sort out my bathroom that really wanted decorating and repairing years ago but because our life became quite hectic at times we couldnt be bothered! it was clean, but recently it has deteriorated even further! much too my embarrasment at times so i thought oh well i had better make a start with the help of my father in law, i must admit i am useless at DIY mainly because it bores me! i'm much better on a computer, but the job has to be done and i will be relieved when it's done.
So sorting the bathroom has been a distraction but like i said i'm not going to tempt fate! so i will change the subject! is it me or has the weather in the U.K. been crazy! Rain...stop...rain...stop and what is going on with our MPs why should we vote for them at all it is fascinating stuff watching the news seeing them squirm! who can we trust in this crazy country?
Night folks.

Anxiety Level Low