Tuesday, 15 September 2009

It's been a long time

Well it's been a long time since my last post back in May and as the summer starts to slowly fade away here's just a quick reflection on whats been going on.
My Anxiety is still bubbling away and i think now always will be! but i suprised myself! me, Alice and my mother went to Florida last month and i must say i was starting to get very anxious about going, how was i gonna cope on the nine hour flight with Anxiety and an Autistic teenager! but i did it! and i don't really know how but the last two hours of the flight were pretty gruelling i just felt ill and it felt like i was going to pass out it was the longest two hours of all time! but while i was in Florida i never really had any problems with anxiety probably because i was so busy and on the go all the time, the holiday seemed to go very quick and i'm now back in my little mundane life which is pretty much the same as before one step forward and three back but on the whole without tempting fate i seem to be coping with anxiety but i know it's always going to be there!
It's getting close to a year since i lost my wife and believe it or not i'm still waiting for help from Social Services! i had to survive the horrific six week school holidays and they have even been a bit critical of how i've been caring for Alice! there is no wonder they get bad press.

Anxiety Level Low