Saturday, 18 April 2009

Saturday night

It's Saturday night! and here i sit on my own...for a change...with some red wine, a laptop, and a tv! that is my life at the moment! but i continue to try to be positive, i used to like to be on my own as i found i could unwind and relax like that, but now i hate it! any normal human being who are feeling lonely can go out and socialise but i can't as i am a carer, it's cruel...very cruel! but my mother said today "you never know whats round the corner" and i suppose she's right.

But as i sit here i'm trying to lift myself browsing the internet and with the iminent arrival of my birthday looming up fast! there is one or two things catching my eye! A Harry Potter DVD Boxset and the Muppet Show collection of DVDs, i have always fancied the latter and as for Harry Potter my wife was a huge fan she read all the books and i don't know why but i never got round to watching the films apart from the first one, but getting back to the Muppets after going to see Muppet vision 3D at Walt Disney World in Florida on previous holidays i found i really appreciated the classic comedy and the imagination of the Muppet Show and i always vowed to one day own the collection...i'm a big kid really!
But back to the serious stuff! the anxiety and stress that i've been subject to lately seems to have subsided a bit, i think on Thursday afternoon i had reached the bottom! and i don't think i could get any lower so the only way was up! i guess!
Anxiety Level Low


diver said...

For sure Gary, I say 'get yourself that Muppet boxed set'! It's part of the art of self-care for the carer I'd guess. How does Alice feel about Muppets ?

'Anxiety level low' ... great to see that line! On both account I wish you many happy returns.

Gary said...

Thanks Diver, yeah Alice would enjoy the Muppets and if i'm happy Alice is happy!