Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Well done Gary

I've had a quite challenging day today, but it felt kind of good! I went to visit a college that Alice has an option to attend when she finishes at her current school and it's the sort of thing that my late wife used to do! but i have no option now with these things and consequently i'm now the main and sole decision maker on Alice's education! and it's very daunting for me! but i did it and it's amazing what you can do when you have no option and every time i do something like this i'm so proud of myself! so much so i'm nearly in tears with it! i've always been such a quiet shy person with very little confidence, my father always did things for me and sort of discouraged me from doing certain things and when he passed away in 1992 i met Karen and she sort of carried on that role to a certain degree, i just went to work, she was a fantastic organiser which suited me really but in reality i was still unable to gain that confidence, but all this is life changing for me after all these years!
But getting back to the college i was very impressed with what i saw! the unfortunate part is that it is nearly 30 miles away and it would be a long day for Alice but i saw a student there with the same dual diagnosis as Alice and the girl in question was so relaxed and sociable which was apparently not the case when she first arrived there so it's obviously bringing these young adults out of their shells, i was very touched by it all, food for thought.

Anxiety Level Low


Rachel's Diary said...

well done gary..thats brill hun x x x I mean it x

Gary said...

Thanks Rach xxx